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We knew that our time here would be to a great extent in the hands of others and that we wouldn’t be able to explore with the freedom we’d experienced in previous countries.We didn’t even know if we’d be able to drive across at all or if we’d have to put Landy on a truck and fly over the top.Libya’s current prime minister, Ali Zeidan, threatens to restore order with force, but his men retreat after a few shots.Confusion about whether to rely on the armed irregulars who revolted against Qaddafi or the instruments of the old regime only compounds his powerlessness.Rapacious brigades of armed volunteers, who are based in Misrata and Benghazi in the east, and the creaking military inherited from the old regime, which is based in the capital city of Tripoli and the west, are hurtling toward a new civil war, and the country’s ineffectual authorities seem unable to stop them.Local militias have captured the oil fields and ports, starving the government of 90 percent of its revenues; Benghazi is rife with political assassinations; in the south, Colonel Qaddafi’s kinsmen have plugged the Great Man-Made River that funnels water from the Sahara’s vast aquifers to the coast; and tribesmen across the country sporadically cut off the roads or close the airports that tie the provinces to the capital.

Everything we’d heard about it related to guns, kidnappings, executions, extremists, checkpoints and bombed out buildings…and a sprinkling of ancient ruins.

"The line was very garbly, so we didn't talk very long. So good to hear your voice.' And then we would lose the connection and he would send me an instant message."After a few of these phone calls, Tarramorse noticed that Genthe, who'd told her he was from Australia, didn't sound Australian.

"I thought maybe I just wasn't hearing him very well, because the line was so bad." So she continued to communicate with him, enjoying their online chats and believing him when he said he would come back to America after his deployment to marry her.

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It is perhaps a measure of how close Libya is to breaking apart that two years after ousting one dictator, many Libyans are craving another.

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