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The Life Cam Cinema also has a high-precision glass element lens for much clearer video quality.You know how some webcams have blurry corners in videos? Other features include taking 5.0 megapixel stills, a digital noise-canceling microphone, and a flexible attachment base bends to fit on most surfaces (like the top of LCD monitors and notebook screens, or simply on your desk desk).To get started, you'll need Windows 7, Vista, or XP (with Service Pack 2), and at least a dual-core Intel PC running at 1.6GHz or faster.720p video requires a 3GHz dual-core Intel PC and 2GB of RAM.Of course, looks aren't everything, and underneath the Life Cam Studio's rather austere surface is a very decent camera.

It is not as advanced as the free Microsoft Movie Maker that comes with Windows but it has many of its functions and it loads your movies quicker than Microsoft Movie Maker.However, it's missing a crucial component: tilt adjustment along the Y axis. You can pivot it left or right, but not up or down.If your head is half cut off in the on-screen window, your only options are a shorter chair, tilting the entire monitor, or angling the webcam so it's no longer resting securely.View full description The Microsoft Life Cam software is a free program that comes with the Life Cam camera when you buy it.The Microsoft Life Cam is officially supposed to be a viewing program but Microsoft added a series of editing features that allow you to change your video.

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