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See the full Statement on Supported Versions and Dependencies To facilitate the deployment of JDOM 2.x, the entire JDOM package has been renamed.

If you are migrating to JDOM 2.x from previous JDOM versions you will need to change your package imports from * to org.jdom2.* JDOM 1.x versions are operating in maintenance mode only and only bug fixes will be considered for future 1.x releases.

Because of the event-driven nature of SAX, processing documents is generally far faster than DOM-style parsers, so long as the processing can be done in a start-to-end pass.

Many tasks, such as indexing, conversion to other formats, very simple formatting, and the like, can be done that way.

Example of tree-based parsers: Event-based parsers do not hold the entire document in Memory, instead, they read in one node at a time and allow you to interact with in real time.

Once you move onto the next node, the old one is thrown away.

In addition to the parsing interfaces, the API provides an XSLT interface to provide data and structural transformations on an XML document.

Instead, the SAX parser informs clients of the XML document structure by invoking callbacks, that is, by invoking methods on a that overrides these methods and processes the data.

If you want to learn more about XML, please visit our XML tutorial.

Tree-based parsers holds the entire document in Memory and transforms the XML document into a Tree structure.

It analyzes the whole document, and provides access to the Tree elements (DOM).

This type of parser is a better option for smaller XML documents, but not for large XML document as it causes major performance issues.

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