Tom brady dating gisele bundchen

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In an interview on ' CBS This Morning,' Gisele Bundchen told Charlie Rose that Tom Brady has suffered concussions. But of course, her Super Bowl winning hubby came up, too."He's not, like, he's playing tennis, right? But he knows I will always -- I will always support him. And if that makes him happy, and he loves to do that, then I'm always gonna support him like (I) always have. And I think we have a -- we've been growing and learning a lot from each other.Brady hasn't been listed with a concussion on the Patriots injury report in four seasons. So I want him to be happy and fulfilled."Rose pointed out that the couple, who celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in February, has changed each other over the years."Yeah. "We do most of our growing in relationships because ... So I think, you know, it's wonderful, you know, walking this life with a partner where you can always grow and learn from, it's wonderful."Brady told USA TODAY the same in September while promoting the launch of Ugg's "Do Nothing" campaign.Related: Gisele Shares A Sweet Birthday Message For Tom The A-list athlete explained to "I think it's important for everybody to find the space for themselves. When those airplanes are going down, they say put your mask on first so you can help other people.I think you need to find the oxygen yourself so that you can be the person you want to be.Gisele Bündchen refused to remain calm the moment her husband, Tom Brady, won his fifth Super Bowl with the New England Patriots.The night was huge for Brady, whose team came back from far behind to win the game in overtime.Despite being one of the most famous quarterbacks in the world, Tom Brady finds time to focus on himself and his lovely family!As the spokesperson for Ugg's "Do Nothing" campaign, the Patriots player is encouraging men everywhere to focus on themselves every now and then.

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Brady, who split from Moynahan in December, reportedly arrived at the hospital carrying a large bunch of orchids and white flowers shortly after 2pm - just minutes too late.

Though he wouldn't confirm if the legendary supermodel taught him any posing skills, he did gush about his wife's work ethic."For her it’s very natural, she’s so great at what she does," he says.

"She’s such a professional at what she does, she knows exactly what she’s trying to accomplish."See more from her interview on CBS. exhibitions of Mario Testino's photographs "In Your Face" and "British Royal Portraits." Gisele Bundchen poses as she departs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy, held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, 2008 in New York City.

Last night, the tale of a scrappy white millionaire whose team didn't have enough points, but then got enough points and won a beautiful trophy, became a touching reality.

The sweetest moment of it all, of course, was the reaction of his devoted, super model, millionaire wife.

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